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Welcome to Cheese And Flash, your premier choice for professional photography services. Our experienced photographers specialise in capturing the beauty of life’s precious moments through our lens. Whether you’re looking for family portraits, wedding photography, event coverage, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality images and videos that are tailored to your specific needs and vision.
Our goal is to help you create lasting memories that you can treasure for a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your next photo session. Let us help you preserve your special moments forever!

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Sayan Bardhan Roy Bangalore

We’ve had CNF to cover our wedding and I can vouch for the immense professionalism they exude through the entire process. CNF do have a keen eye for details and their sincere photography does weave a story to be rejoiced forever.

Harsh Kumar Ranchi

My marriage was like a carnival for the family and we needed someone experienced to document the entire event. "Fixed Focals" came as an answer to all that we were seeking. What they did, was not a simple documentation. Their able cinematographers captured moments and memories that we will cherish always. Right from my pre wedding shoot, till wedding.

Poulomi Bose Mumbai

We wanted an intimate and candid experience from our wedding shoot and that is exactly what we got from Cheese and Flash. What is most important, is to get the brief right, and C&F did a great job.

Nupur Darolia Kolkata

I wanted an unique storyline for my pre wedding and needless to say I think I opted for one of the best to create the same. Was amazed to see the amount of effort and creative inputs these guys have and they executed it so well. It was perfect! I have had a great experience with the team of 'fixed focals'. Thank you so much

Alokta Biswas Kolkata

The work which you had done on Oli's wedding was fantastic and we are all very very happy and satisfied with your work. Thank you so much . Alokta Biswas.

Agnimitra Majumder Kolkata

I so wanted our big day to be well captured, and thank God I opted for them 'Fixed Focals' team. They were very flexible and all ears!

Vinit Agarwal Asam

We had a very traditional wedding following each and every rituals so, we were very particular with the team of photographers we are opting for. We needed a truly professional team who would not miss a single event/ rituals. We were very happy with the outcomes.

Surabhi Sharma Kolkata

Cheese and Flash has been an integral part of our wedding , a team of thorough professionals ,who know what they are doing We had a great experience working with them. They have truly captured wonderful memories of our big day to be cherish throughout our lives. Great value for money . Highly recommended!

Harsh Singh Canada

They had done my friend's wedding and pre-wedding and we were zapped to see the pre- wedding shoot of our friend. That's when we decided to go with Fixed Focals and honestly we were happy. After a lot of disagreement and agreement with the creative output I guess we were at the same page when the final product was delivered.

Kristina Russia

Was a pleasure to work with guys. They gave us 100% of professionalism and creativity,absolutely amazing experience. Thank you for captured our special day.

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